Best Roof Garden Plants You should plant

25 August 2017 0

If you are living in an apartment or house where your rooftop is having shades from large trees or buildings and you thought that you won`t be able to fulfill your roof top garden desire than you may be wrong. There are options available for you. Like there are certain Read More

Tips and features about roof gardens

17 August 2017 0

Urban areas have limited space and do not find more effective and reliable ways to do some gardening activities. Rooftop garden themes and designs are not the new concepts but due to more innovative and latest technology made gardening more effective. Rural areas have abundant gardens those look prettier and Read More

Rooftop garden: a perfect addition to your home

17 August 2017 0

Unfortunately we are living in the era where people have less space to plant the trees. Especially in the cities where people have less space to build the home often face the problem of pollution and noise. People have different ideas to make their home look more decorative and more Read More

Roof Garden Design

17 August 2017 0

Effective ideas and tips Roof gardens are becoming more and more popular in these days due to lack of urban environment. So many people like to create a beautiful garden on the roof of homes and buildings to increase the beauty and value of home. In order to create the Read More

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