Best Roof Garden Plants You should plant

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If you are living in an apartment or house where your rooftop is having shades from large trees or buildings and you thought that you won`t be able to fulfill your roof top garden desire than you may be wrong. There are options available for you. Like there are certain edibles which can grow very well even under shades. So you can have a vegetable roof garden on your apartment under shade.   

Mostly there are spaces that are comes under shades remain unproductive for some farmers or they grow some plants just to fill up the space, but if you are facing the same problem then you should go for vegetables as these can not only make your garden look beautiful but are also very productive. If you think that you can also grow some fruits in your shady space, then you should change your idea or think again because fruits require high amount of sunlight and cannot grow properly under shades. Following is the list of some vegetables that require just 2-4 hours direct sunlight for effective growth.  

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First thing that you can plant in your roof garden is lettuce. It is not only used for salads but there are so many other recipes that you can make by using it. You can find these recipes easily by searching online or in cooking recipes books. You can also easily grow it under shades as it requires cool environment, partial sun and moist soil.  

Asian Greens 

Another leafy vegetable that you can grow in your shady garden is Asian greens. These plants require moist and loamy soil during springs and when it is fall season, you have to plant these where it can have morning sun. In case if you are living in a place where there are tropical or subtropical warm climates, you can grow these Asian Greens at such a place that receives 2-3 hours sunlight.


If you love food make of spinach or spinach soup then why not to grow these under shady space. It is very nutritious vegetable that is rich in taste and iron. If your roof garden is having only 3-4 hours of sunlight then you can easily grow it and add these to different recipes to give them different taste. 


This is having acrid taste. Once you grow it in your rooftop garden, then you will surely make delicious curries and also add it to salads. Another advantage of growing mustard is that it can easily be grown in containers. You have to water it on regular basis to get good output.  


Another option that you have for your shady rooftop garden is to go for plantation of peas. Fresh peas will give you great taste and allow you to cook delicious recipes as well. Further it also don`t require lot of sunlight to grow so you can use your moist soil for peas production.  

So these are some of the roof garden plants that you can grow even if you are having shady roofs. Good luck! 

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