Choosing The Best Trees For Urban Gardens2
Choosing The Best Trees For Urban Gardens2

If you are living in an apartment and you are looking to utilize your space for urban garden, then you must make selection of plants and trees very carefully. It is important because right selection of trees can easily enhance the smallest garden and make it look beautiful.

You require positioning these plants in such a way that they can easily block the unwanted view as well as provide you a focal point.

Another thing that you have to consider for your rooftop garden is to select trees that attract birds and allow them nesting sites. You can also choose trees like pear, apples and cherries that provide you with abundant harvest. If you are confused and don`t able to decide where and how to place these trees, then the best solution is to grow these in pots.

This way you will also be able to take these trees with you, wherever you move. Another advantage of placing these trees in pots is that you will be able to protect these during winters. If you are not looking for medium and large trees than, shrubs can be good a option for roof garden.

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There are different shrubs which can grow like a small tree and give a beautiful look to your garden as well. For this you can use shrubs like lilacs, elaeagnus and viburnums. Other than planting these shrubs if you are interested in planting trees too, then following are some of the trees that can grow easily on your rooftop garden.

Japanese Maples

If you want to grow your garden in steps and with time than you should go for Japanese Maples. It will not grow too fast so don`t make your garden look over crowded in a hurry, once grown it will have an attractive shape.

Crab Apple

This is one of the best trees to grow on your rooftop gardens. It will not only give abundant food for wildlife, but also has spring blossoms. Once you grow this tree in your garden it will change the whole look to make your garden ever better.

Espalier Apple Trees

One more option that you have when it comes to growing trees is to go for Espalier apple trees. It is also known as family tree as every arm of this tree offer different variety apple. This tree will not only provide you quality apple supply but can also act as garden divider.


Peaches can make a garden look beautiful with its small tree. The only thing that you have to consider is that these have to be planted in warmer environment.


Another tree that can make your rooftop garden look great and provide you with quality fruit is loquat.
So these are some of the trees that can be grown in your roof garden to provide you with beautiful environment at home.

By planting these trees you can also get fruit for yourself and provide shelter to birds. So if you have space available then go for urban garden and make your home look good to you.

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