Cover with wooden planks
Cover with wooden planks

Balcony or terrace decor

The pleasure of being on your balcony or terrace is not shared, or at least not with those who are not invited! In the city, in the countryside, landscaping terrace and balcony in an outdoor area out of sight, create a green area and enjoy the sun, dinner or rest, this is an idea that makes us dream! Discover tips and ideas to make balcony or terrace a little cocoon just for us.

A nice decoration idea to isolate a corner terrace in the garden with a screen of three wooden panels fixed in angle, painted in a beautiful and bright plum color to play contrasts with the garden furniture anise and blue ocean.

On a terrace in the city, privacy is preserved by closing the terrace with heather to form a natural partition with the terrace of the neighbors and dress the balustrade overlooking the street, lush bamboo to create a green setting and a shade sail stretched over the terrace to protect from the sun and prying eyes.

On the ground, slabs of wood to clap participate in creating a real green space on the terrace worthy of the cocooning atmosphere of a Zen garden.

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