Different ideas to implement and design a perfect rooftop garden

Different ideas to implement and design a perfect rooftop garden

To design a home perfectly is dream of every person and people tend to do different things when it comes to designing of home. Some people spend a lot of money on designing the home from inside. They design interior in perfect way and from outside they add wooden shutters to give trendy and stylish look to their home. This is because people want to put a positive impact on the mind of people about the taste and living standard of owners.

In the cities the space is less and demand of people is greater. The pollution is great in the cities because of heavy traffic and industrial areas. How to make your home environment friendly? The simple answer to this question is to make a rooftop garden in your home.

People have less space to plant tree and less space to make their home environment friendly. It is true that there is solution of every problem. Rooftop garden is certainly one of the inspirational ideas to implement. The best thing about the roof gardening is that it can reduce your power bills to some extent as it is environment friendly and makes your home look more trendy.

design a perfect rooftop garden

This type of rooftop garden has been seen in the urban areas where people have less space to plant tree. In most of the homes people will opt to go for natural herb gardening. In this type of gardening, the herbs grow good and flourish well enough. This is same like planning flowers in your roof. This is simple method of making your home green and compliment go green global issue.

By adding greenery to your home you can feel relax by sitting in the roof garden and enjoy your time in your garden. This is not that much expensive but by doing this you can design your roof in a perfect way. This will increase the value of your home and people will appreciate your efforts on global warming issue.

Before creating rooftop garden makes sure that you follow some important tips. Make sure that your home has good foundation to bear the weight of this garden. There must be proper system of water drainage in your home. There roof must be water proof so that water will not enter in your ceiling. The surface of roof needs to be flat as curvy surface will cause you some problems as well.

While designing your roof with proper green grass makes sure that the surface you put on the roof is of lighter weight. Make sure that you used water proof material while construction home. The best thing about these roof garden is that it will control the inside temperature of the home and will cost you less electricity bill. In start your budget will increase as they are expensive to some extent and you have to bear the maintenance cost as well. It is suggested to hire the services of a firm that offering roof gardening services.

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