Roof garden trend is becoming very popular because it is very beneficial. It not only gives you a feel of beautiful landscape but also increase the beauty and value of your home. Installing the roof garden require much care and safety. Before creating the Modern rooftop garden you must need to keep some certain points in mind, these are as follows.

  • Must check the foundation of building in which you are creating roof garden
  • Ensure that roof will hold the weight of soil and other materials
  • Must check the water drainage ability of the roof
  • Must ensure the waterproofing of the roof

There are main two types of Modern rooftop garden that are very popular among the individuals. These are extensive roof garden and intensive roof garden. Extensive Modern roof garden is distinguished by a medium that is not very deep. Just limited variety of flowers is needed to create this type of garden. If you do not have enough budget then extensive roof garden is best for you, because it does not require enough money. It is best suited for single family home. It weighs up to maximum fifty pounds per square foot including the expenses of water, plants, snow and other materials.

Modern roof garden – advantages and disadvantages

Another type is intensive roof garden, it is usually creates on the high rise buildings, homes and apartments. If budget is not your problem then intensive roof garden is best to give a charming and attractive look to your homes, buildings and apartments. It is distinguished by a deeper planting medium. Intensive roof garden weighs up to one hundred and fifty pounds per square foot. A wide variety of trees and plants are needed to create this type of roof garden.

Modern rooftop garden are become very popular because these roof garden have many advantages for the home holders and as well as for the external environment. Some main advantages of roof garden are as follows.

  • One of the major benefit and advantage of roof garden is that it control the indoor climate
  • In the summer season it decrease the amount of warm air that enter into the home through the roof
  • In the winter season it inhibited the hot air of the room from escaping through the roof
  • Roof garden are environmental friendly because they attracts the different small animals and birds and offer potential habitats
  • Roof garden also decrease the amount of rain water
  • Standard garden roof also protects you from the harm ultra violet rays of the sun

Within these benefits and advantages there are also some disadvantages of the Modern rooftop garden, these are as follows.

  • Installing the roof garden is mush expensive than a traditional roof installing.
  • It is more complicated and complex project which require enough time, enough money and proper care and safety
  • After some year it also require maintenance cost that increase your expenses

Above are discussed effective features, advantages and disadvantages of roof garden.


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