Small Roof Garden – Effective Features and Benefits

small roof garden

Roof garden is an old concept. It is gaining popularity day by day because most of the individuals live in the apartments, so it is not possible for them to have a have a beautiful garden in front of home. Due to this reason most of the people likes to create small roof garden on their homes and small apartments. These roof garden are much beneficial, they not only increase the beauty and charm of the homes but also increase the value of the homes and apartments.

There are many ways to install the roof garden on your buildings, homes and different apartments. But the best way that is used to create roof garden on the small home and apartments is small roof garden. It is also named as extensive roof garden. Extensive roof gardens are installed to give visual appeal and reduce the environmental impact of the homes and apartments. It also enhances the building performance.

Small roof garden is characterized by the medium that is not much deeper. Just a limited variety of plants is needed to create this type of green roof garden. It is best suited and appropriate for the single family homes and for apartments. Extensive green roof garden does not require enough money. They weigh up to fifty pounds per square foot including the water, plants, snow and other roof gardening materials.

Small roof garden is best for the people who do not have enough money to install a big roof garden. It also gives an attractive look to the home and apartments. The best feature is that it increases the value of the homes and apartments. Sedum and grass are best and ideal plants for this type of roof gardening because these are tolerant of dryer conditions. It does not require a wide and huge variety of plans, a couple of plants and some grass is enough to decorate the roof garden. It also require little care and maintenance. Due to this reason it is very popular because it is cost effective.

small roof garden2

Benefits and advantages of small rooftop garden

Some important and main advantages are as follows.

  • These are environmental friendly, because roof garden attracts the different small animals and birds and offers them potentials habitats.

  • One of the main advantages of the roof garden is that it controls the indoor climates. During the summer season it does not allow the hot outsider air to enter through the roof. During the winter season it keeps the entire warn air inside the room, it does not allow the insider hot air to escape through the roof of the room.

  • Another best advantage is that it protects you from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

  • It is cost effective because it require little maintenance and safety.

  • It also decreases the amount of rain water runoff.

  • It provides greater biodiversity than the intensive green roof garden.

Above are discussed effective features, benefits and advantages of small roof garden.

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